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Stucco Contractors Tampa FL

If you’re looking for a stucco specialist in Tampa you have come to the right place. We’re just a phone call away for all of your stucco, plastering, lath, and EIF system needs. We provide high quality residential and commercial stucco solutions to Tampa and the surrounding areas including but not limited to: New Tampa, West Tampa, Brooklyn Village, Downtown Tampa, Ybor City, and the Channel District.

Are you looking to create a new stucco masterpiece? Or perhaps you are searching for repair or patch your stucco. Are you looking for that unique stucco look for a new business or home you are building? If your looking for a 5 Star stucco contractor in Tampa, you’ve found us! Stucco Specialists is your local Tampa stucco professional. We’re Tampa’s first choice for stucco contractor needs in the Tampa Bay area. We can handle your stucco and plastering contractor needs in the Tampa Bay area.

Welcome to Stucco Specialists Tampa. We handle all types of stucco services, from large stucco jobs to small stucco jobs, and everything in between like indoor fireplaces, new stucco buildings, as well as stucco patching and stucco repair work. There’s no job to small or too big for us in the Tampa area. Why not give us a call as your local stucco contractor?

At Stucco Specialists Tampa we strive for excellent customer service regardless of the size of the job, or whether you are a business owner or home owner. We use only the best stucco materials to ensure quality stucco installation. Many handyman and contractors can apply stucco, but Stucco Specialists, have the knowledge, expertise and experience  to achieve the stucco results you want.

Be sure to select a stucco contractor that can provide the highest quality workmanship for your stucco home, new stucco construction, stucco crack repair, and stucco patching. 

As a quality stucco contractor, we are very proud to provide the Stucco and Plastering Contractor services listed below:

  • New Stucco applications
  • Stucco Repair & Restoration
  • Texture Coating
  • Matching Textures
  • Plastering services 
  • Lath services
  • EIF services

Did you know that Stucco Specialists is locally owned and operated? We feel this is very important.  We work locally in and around Tampa.  Sure we could work anywhere but like you, we love it here in Tampa.

Specialization:  We specialize in Interior and Exterior stucco construction and stucco repairs.  While we specialize in stucco with a strong focus on: Plastering, EIFs, and Lath.

Large stucco jobs or small Stucco jobs, we have done stucco work on everything from the biggest structures in Tampa, to the smallest stucco repair jobs in Tampa. Not only do we take on new stucco construction jobs, but we also do stucco repair and stucco patching jobs.

Residential Stucco Professionals Tampa

Perhaps your building your dream home, or maybe you’re remodeling a home you’ve had in the family forever. We can help you achieve almost any look you want. Would you like to texture interior walls? Or maybe you need to repair stucco inside your home. No matter what you need, we can handle any stucco, plastering, EIF, or Lath needs you have.

Dealing with inexperienced stucco contractors can be a disaster. We have the experience and commitment to excellence you expect from your residential stucco based construction contractor. We’ll handle all of the project hassles so you don’t have to worry about them. 

Stucco Specialists Tampa is your go-to stucco contractor for all of your Stucco and Plastering needs.  We can handle any size stucco job.  We’ve worked with the largest businesses, large homes, small outdoor stucco repairs, and stucco fireplaces.  We do all types of stucco repair and stucco construction.

Deciding on a contractor for stucco repair or stucco construction isn’t easy. Whether you are just starting your stucco project or need your stucco patched, we can help. At Stucco Specialists Tampa we take pride in providing a high level of customer service. We strive to be the best stucco contractor in Tampa.

Commercial Stucco Contractors Tampa

Quality stucco and plaster repair services aren’t just for residential homes. We’re also one of  the most trusted name in commercial stucco applications as well. Whether it’s a new commercial construction project, texture touch ups, cracks, or minor repairs up to and including complete commercial applications, we offer everything your business space needs.

Commercial Plaster Repair Tampa

​​It’s not always easy to find a stucco contractor in Tampa that is also great at commercial plaster applications. Some stucco and plaster contractors prefer to work only on residential stucco and residential plaster jobs. We are all around stucco contractors which means we can handle commercial plaster repair and commercial plaster installations. Call us today for the best commercial stucco repair.

Commercial EIFS Wall System Tampa

We also offer commercial EIFS Wall System installations. Protecting your commercial property from water damage, mold and mildew starts with a quality commercial EIFS Wall System.

Call  Stucco Specialists Tampa today for you commercial EIFS Wall System installation needs. We are your eifs contractors near me!

Stucco Services & More

We offer complete commercial and residential stucco services. Our local stucco company offers great service with the experience you are looking for from an exterior stucco contractor. We are experienced stucco contractors that provide everything from small stucco repairs & patches to full commercial stucco and residential stucco services including Plastering, Fireproofing, EIF, and Lath. 

Contact Stucco Specialists for commercial and residential stucco services, and exterior home remodeling, we are the best choice for everything stucco. We offer the best stucco service, and have the experience you need. Whether it’s new construction, patches, repairs or complete stucco replacement, we handle it. We are your quality stucco company in Tampa.

Professional Tampa Stucco Company for Stucco Installation

Having your stucco professionally installed ensures that it will be installed correctly the first time. Proper installation of EIFs, plaster or stucco requires using a fail safe method of three layer application to ensure that your commercial or residential stucco application is done correctly. This method may take longer to install, it provides superior performance due to the three coats of stucco. The three layer application also requires less maintenance over the lifetime of the stucco. We offer our customers the best local stucco options, and we consider ourselves the best local stucco company in Tampa Bay.

Searching for EIF’s Contractors Near Me?

You found us! You were searching for eifs contractors near me and we popped up! Or maybe you’ve be searching for Exterior Home Remodeling, Exterior Home Contractors, stucco repair near me, exterior stucco contractors near me, stucco house or possibly stucco company, regardless of what you were searching you found the best local stucco company around! We are your EIFS contractor near me. EIFs wall systems are an affordable way to prevent mold growth and water damage in your home. EIFs are especially useful when combined with plaster and stucco. The added strength and weatherproofing, combined with stucco’s insulation ability and absorbent texture, ensures better energy efficiency and water damage prevention for your home or commercial property.

Signs of EIFs damage include cracks inside your home or commercial property, in addition you may notice some areas seem to be warmer or colder than other areas or you may notice an increase in your monthly electric bill. This could mean EIF damage has taken place due to extensive water damage

If you’ve noticed that your home has become drafty or your home has hairline cracks in the exterior walls, and you may even possibly be missing pieces from your home’s stucco, then you should call us at 813-922-3155 for a free stucco repair estimate. When stucco repair services are performed correctly, you’ll notice a reduction in your electric bill. 

Stucco Problems?

We will thoroughly examine your commercial or residential stucco problem to determine exactly what is going on with your property. As the best local stucco, plaster and EIFs service provider in Tampa we will diagnose your situation. Once we have determined exactly what the issue is we will devise a plan of action for stucco repair.

Exterior Stucco Contractors

When people think of plaster or stucco, they think of a hard exterior shell that provides insulation for their home or business but did you know that stucco has many different uses? Additional Professional Stucco installation can be used for:

  • New Home Construction
  • New Commercial Building Projects
  • Residential Chimney Construction
  • Pool Decking Surfaces and Borders
  • Outdoor Cooking Areas
  • Exterior BBQ Kitchens

​Durable and affordable plaster and stucco can be used for many purposes from exterior rooms to flat surfaces they offer many construction options.

Stucco Texture

There are many different types of stucco texture, if a stucco contractor isn’t experienced, your home could come out looking completely different than the other homes in the neighborhood. We are an experienced stucco company that can match the stucco style and texture that you want.

You may have seen a commonly used textured finish on vacation homes, this texture is a great choice for these homes as it can be applied faster then how it is usually applied when a smoother texture is desired. This type of texture is easy to maintain and easy to repair that’s why it’s the first choice on these types of commercial stucco jobs. Regular residential properties and high-end stucco construction jobs usually opt for smooth finish stucco. Smooth texture stucco is not easy to do and should be left to experienced stucco companies like Stucco Specialists Tampa.

Commercial Stucco Service Tampa

Business owners and commercial builders in the local area love our work! They trust us with all of their stucco, plaster, EIFs and Fireproofing needs. The look of your commercial property is very important. If the stucco on your commercial property is cracked or missing pieces, the public might hesitate before choosing to do business with your company. Crumbling stucco on the outside of the building might lead the public to believe that what’s going on inside might be falling apart too. EIFs damage can lead to water damage, which leads to decaying stucco and plaster, and possible mold and mildew growth leading to costly repairs.

Professional Stucco Installation

Our stucco company will install your stucco surface correctly the first time during the new build phase. Commercial stucco repairs, stucco re-texturing and plastering are our specialties. You can rely on us to keep your business property safe from water damage and moisture issues.

Residential Stucco Repair in Tampa

When your homes stucco is properly maintained it keeps your home energy efficient and weatherproof. If your home needs stucco repair, texture stucco restoration or smooth stucco restoration, choose Stucco Specialists for your repair and installation needs. Call us at 813-922-3155. We offer many different stucco services, stucco repair is just one of them. If you need residential stucco application or plaster repair in Tampa, look no further you’ve found the best stucco company in Tampa Bay.

Affordable Stucco Services

Due to stucco’s use of use, durability and affordability, it is used for more than just exterior wall construction. When you call Stucco Specialists, you’re getting access to a complete range of installation and stucco repair services that include: Chimney repair, outside BBQ area with stucco, outside kitchen with stucco, pool deck border stucco repair services, water damage repairs and more.

EIFS Wall System in Tampa Residential

What the heck is an EIFS Wall System anyway? Wikipedia’s definition is: Exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) is a general class of non-load bearing building cladding systems that provides exterior walls with an insulated, water-resistant, finished surface in an integrated composite material system.

In order to keep your home safe from water damage it is essential that your homes EIFs wall system is properly installed. As the wikipedia definition states an EIFS system provides the exterior walls of your home with a water-resistant, insulated finished surface. This system will protect your homes exterior. An improperly installed EIFS Wall system will do just the opposite, it will leave your home exposed to the elements, which will lead to water damage, which will lead to mold and mildew problems. If you need EIFS repair please call us today. 

Water Damage Stucco Repair Tampa

Cracks in your stucco layers and EIFS can easily lead to water getting into your home or business and causing water damage in your home. For quality EIFS repairs, stucco repairs, and installation, call us for your residential EIFS wall system service in Tampa.

Chimney Repair

Wait a minute….Chimneys in Tampa Florida? Yup! We have chimneys in Tampa and did you know that chimneys aren’t just made out of bricks? It may come as a big surprise but it’s true, stucco chimneys are a real thing. Stucco chimneys are more common than you might think. With time, use and exposure chimneys can and do become damaged by the elements, leading to structural damage which can cause the chimney to collapse in on itself. Call us 813-922-3155 for all of your stucco chimney repair needs.

Exterior Kitchens and BBQ’s

Stucco is usually used on exterior kitchens and BBQ areas to protect them from the elements. Rain, wind and even prolonged sun exposure can damage outdoor kitchen and BBQ areas. If you need stucco repairs on your outdoor kitchen or BBQ, or are looking to have a new outdoor kitchen or BBQ area installed, call us today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes stucco to fall off?

Stucco can fall off due to various reasons such as improper installation, exposure to moisture, foundation settling, seismic activity, or impact damage. If the stucco is not installed correctly, it may not adhere properly to the wall, causing it to detach over time.

Why are Florida homes made with stucco?

 Stucco is a popular choice for Florida homes due to its durability and resistance to the humid and subtropical climate. Stucco can withstand high temperatures and humidity while providing an attractive and low-maintenance exterior finish. Additionally, stucco can help insulate homes, keeping them cooler in the summer months.

What is the most serious problem with exterior stucco?

Water intrusion is the most serious problem with exterior stucco. It can lead to mold, rot, and other types of damage. Water can seep through cracks or gaps in the stucco and get trapped between the stucco and the underlying wall, causing significant damage over time.

How long does stucco last?

The lifespan of stucco depends on various factors such as the quality of the materials used, climate, and maintenance. Properly installed and maintained stucco can last up to 50 years.

Is it better to repair or replace stucco?

If you’re trying to decide whether to repair or replace your stucco, it all comes down to the extent of the damage. If it’s just a small area, you can probably get away with repairing it. But if the damage is widespread or the stucco is significantly degraded, you might be better off replacing it entirely.

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Our team has 20 plus years of stucco experience, we understand all aspects of stucco applications. We will work to ensure your stucco project is done to your satisfaction. Call us today at (813) 922-3155 to schedule your FREE onsite estimate!

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